Disability Insurance
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The odds of becoming disabled are much higher than dying. In fact, every year 12% of the adult U.S. population suffers a long-term disability. One out of every seven workers will suffer a five-year or longer period of disability before age 65, and if you’re 35 now, your chances of experiencing a three-month or longer disability before you reach age 65 are 50%. If you’re 45, the figure is 44%.

The inability to work can quickly deplete life savings. Disability insurance helps pay your bills when you cannot work due to a disability condition.

There are many kinds of disability policies and options; however, the basics are simple. The first variable is the amount of monthly benefit. Most disability policies have a fixed monthly benefit that does not increase with time, although you can purchase extra coverage, or riders, that offer higher payment schedules.

The second variable is the definition of disability -- whether it is “ your own occupation,” or the inability to perform the duties of your specific occupation, or “any occupation,” the inability to perform the duties of any job for which your education and training make you qualified.

The third variable is the waiting period, or the amount of time you must be disabled before benefits start. These waiting periods can range from one week to two years, and the longer you wait the less your disability policy will cost.

The fourth variable is the benefit period, or how long you will receive monthly benefits once your policy starts paying. You can choose six months, or until your normal retirement age, or when you qualify for Social Security Retirement benefits.

In addition to these variables, there are other coverage options and riders. Disability Insurance is an important feature in an employees’ insurance package. Employer offered plans have benefits at guaranteed underwriting and reasonable costs. Long Term Disability costs are a fraction of the cost of individual policies.

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