Group Health Insurance
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Many employers and employees could not qualify for individual health insurance coverage. This makes Group Health Insurance a valuable employee benefit to secure and retain employees.

Group Health Insurance, in the state of Florida, must accept all eligible employees regardless of physical condition. There is a twelve-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions if the employee has not been covered by insurance in the last sixty-three days. This means that any condition that occurs after the policy is issued will be covered, but any condition that was treated in the six months prior to coverage will not be covered until the insurance has been in effect for twelve months. For someone who has a major medical condition, such as cancer or insulin diabetes, this may be the only way they will be able to get full medical coverage. After twelve months, pre-existing conditions are covered. Another benefit under group insurance is that an employee can keep his coverage under a federal or state continuation program if they lose or leave the job. This is another benefit that does not exist through individual coverage.

There are requirements that an employer must satisfy in order to be considered for group insurance. Employees of companies with less that fifty employees must be considered eligible for coverage if they work twenty-five hours per week, and there is a participation and contribution requirement depending upon the size of the group.

The group can choose many plans and benefits and most companies allow more than one or a combination of health insurance benefits.

There are PPO plans, which are the least restrictive forms of health insurance. These plans allow utilization of network and non-network physicians and other providers. There are HMO plans, which allow access only to those physicians, hospitals and other providers who belong to the HMO network. No out of network benefits apply except as pre-approved conditions. HAS plans offer group health coverage at a high deductible which makes the premiums less expensive. The participants can put monies into their own HAS account, up to the annual maximum set by the federal government, and pay their deductible from this account. These plans offer no benefits until the deductible is met, but companies pay 100% or eligible benefits after the deductible is reached.

Group Health Insurance Providers

We offer the benefits of the highest rated companies in Florida. The last thing an employer needs is to have an insurance program from a company that does not pay. The main health insurance carriers are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Aetna Health, United Healthcare, and GreatWest Life. Other benefit carriers are Guardian Dental, Sun Life Dental, Principal Dental, Unum, John Hancock and Met Life.

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